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Circuit Excel Racing

Dunlop is a proud partner of the series.

Circuit Excel racing made its initial appearance in South Australia during the second round of the 2011 State Motor Racing Championships held at Mallala Motorsport Park. The debut event featured a mere 7 cars participating in a combined field with MGF’s. Presently, these races have evolved into standalone events across Australia, attracting over 30 cars per round.

The Hyundai Excel X3 Series offers an affordable and efficient route into Circuit Racing, accommodating individuals ranging from newcomers embarking on their racing journey to seasoned racers with more experience.

Participants in the category compete with Hyundai Excel X3 models manufactured by the Hyundai Motor Company between 1 July 1994 and 31 June 2000 that are compliant with the relevant Motorsport Australia technical regulations.

The Tyre

The series uses a controlled tyre and starting in 2024 this will be the 195/50R15 Direzza ZIII. The tyre is a groove tyre which means it works well under dry and wet conditions. CERA has secured an exclusive price for members of Motorsport Australia affiliated with Circuit Excel State clubs as part of their partnership with Wildan One Three.

Direzza ZIII Front view

For more information on the tyre or to order please contact us.

History of the category

  • 2010

    Experienced racer and engineer Trevor Pound met a Hyundai Excel racer during a Winton Raceway practice and, impressed by the car's handling, recognized its potential for an affordable racing category.

  • 2011

    Circuit Excel racing debuts in South Australia at Round 2 of the 2011 State Motor Racing Championships at Mallala Motorsport Park

  • 2012

    Series X3 Queensland Inc. is formed

  • 2013

    The WA Excel Cup is established

  • 2013

    First CAMS State Championship round for Queensland Circuit Excel's goes ahead

  • 2014

    The Hyundai Excel Association Of Victoria Inc. is formed.

  • 2014

    CAMS publishes a new set of technical regulations for Hyundai Excel racing in Australia

  • 2015

    Series X3 New South Wales Inc. is formed

  • 2015

    The Circuit Excel Management Committee (CEMC) forms  involving representatives from each state.

  • 2020

    CEMC is disbanded and replaced with the Circuit Excel Racing Association (CERA)

  • 2023

    CERA partners with Wildan One Three (the Australian distributor for Dunlop Motorsports tyres) as the Controlled Tyre supplier for the series

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