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Dunlop Motorsports Distributor

About Us

NTTRacing® is the South Australian and Northern Territory distributor for Dunlop Motorsports and in 2021 was appointed the distributor for New South Wales and Queensland. DMS OZ PTY LTD is a division of the NTT Group of Companies. Proudly supplying one of the world’s most trusted brands of racing tyres and motorsport products, DMS OZ PTY LTD brings Dunlop Motorsports products to a digital storefront. With a strong history in Motorsports, DMS OZ PTY LTD aims to help you perform your best on the track. 

Whether it be supplying new racing slicks, competition road legal, vintage, rally or even ultra high performance road tyres, we ensure that we have a huge range of stock on hand for fitting. Should you require assistance is selecting the right fit for your vehicle, please don’t hesitate to contact us.